A Storm is Going to Come

Sometimes, you can feel the storm approaching.  Those moments when everything is calm- too calm for comfort- and you know shit’s about to hit the fan.  I have nothing to do at work right now, but there’s stuff in play, and only a matter of minutes before it all comes back at once.  It’s 70, cloudy, and breezy outside, but we’re told to expect endless rain and wind thanks to Hurricane Joaquin.

A storm can happen anywhere; they’re violent, relentless, and appear when you least expect them, despite the technology of the meteorologist.  And this shock value might just be the extra oomph a team needs to win.
The Melbourne Storm, a professional rugby team in Australia, is onto something.
With the electric shock of lightning, deafening roar of thunder, propelling strength of wind, and indiscernible veil of rain, Boom is a force to be reckoned with.  The logo speaks “challenge me and I’ll stab you with a lightning bolt.”
Unfortunately, the costumed mascot does not say the same.
It’s like Batman gained weight and got dipped in purple.  That mask is indescribably awful.  And why the dish gloves?  Why oh why are you wearing dish gloves.  Thankfully, I have a new appreciation for fake-muscle padding, given that most looks much more realistic than this.
Originally, the team was to be called the Melbourne Mavericks,  where they planned to have a mascot with a gunslinger and a fistful of dollars.  The press said that ‘Mavericks’ sounded too American, causing the team to become the Storm.  How does Mavericks sound too American?  Sure, the fistful of dollars is in line with our stereotypical greed, but Mavericks is just a name.
So maybe you will choose to like him for the logos, or choose to dislike him for the costume, but either way, a storm is going to come.