Thin-Armed Warrior

A few weeks ago, I discovered NJCAA, which is a gold mine of new mascots for me to choose from.  So let’s continue that.

Being born and raised in Minnesota, I’d like to think that I know a lot about the colleges of the state.  But even I have never heard of this one, or even the town it’s in, which houses 4400 happy students in Willmar, MN.

Ridgewater College has 13 NJCAA sports, where fans go to cheer and get excited rooting for the Warrior!


Guys, he’s freaking adorable.  His head is huge, and his arms are tiny. His stabs are probably not very powerful, but I would still steer clear, just in case.

While the Warriors are not that hardkore, and don’t have a real costumed  mascot, and even have an absolutely terrible logo, they try, and for that they deserve some credit.


Dude, the town even started making a water tower to represent the awesomeness of Ridgwater!  It may be half-done, but so is every construction project here in Columbia.  It’s the thought that counts.



#4 in the Triangle

The Tech Triangle the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area where a lot of tech-based companies have settled because there are always smart people looking for employment, thanks to NC State, Duke, and UNC.  Often times, NC State is seen as the b**** school of the area, as they are the lowest academically ranked.  But I think we’re all forgetting about this little, adorable-mascot-having gem called Wake Tech Community College.

But I’m not here to make fun of tech schools- they are the butt of so many academia jokes; that weird thing between high school and college that never really makes sense.
And sure, they’re not even good enough to be D3, and instead are part of NJCAA, but they know that mascots are the best recruiting topic, and therefore are the largest of the area at around 70k students.  These students join together to cheer for Talon, the super happy, super innocent looking eagle.  With hair like George Washington, if I may say.
download (1)
Yes, the girls of the triangle may be pretty, but Talon knows they’ve got nothing on him.  Look at him.. waaaaay outta their league.
Is Talon about to hook Stormy?  Suddenly his eyes look a little more evil.
Talon and Stormy1