Crazy Nuts

Since you’ve all spent time with me (though some forcedly), you understand that I am not that huge of a fan of the deep south.  Everything is fried, it is always ridiculously hot, and I cannot understand half of the accents.  But I live here because it means that I pay the taxes, so I have a right to make all of the in-bad-taste redneck jokes that my heart desires.

When I think redneck, I think of two things: 1. That annoying ‘cuz I’m a redneck woman’ song, and 2. Nascar.
The song is still absolute crap, but Nascar, you just grew on me a little.
Charlotte Motor Speedway, home of the Coke 600, has a mascot!!!
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Lug Nut, uncreatively named, is said to be world’s fastest mascot.
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For being just a small piece of hardware, he’s surprisingly decent.  And his favourite movie is Pixar’s Cars!  Good choice, sir!