Fighting & Feminism

Aight, I’m gonna go in a direction that’s a lil more feminist than usual, so if you’re all for women being ‘barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen’ so to speak, just stop reading now.

Since Saturday night, the biggest trending topic has pretty much been Ronda Rousey being freaking amazing at what she does.  She is tough, she is serious, she is driven, and she is freaking kickass. It has taken her like 2.5 minutes to beat her last 4 opponents.  4! In less than 1 round total!
It’s not just that she wins every single fight, no matter how bad the hype.  It’s that her press conferences involve her saying things that are not absolutely idiotic.
Ronda has continued to say that she will never fight a man, because domestic violence is something that she can in no way condone.  When the press continues with the ‘could you beat a guy?’ she has the freakin lady balls to say ‘It’s certainly possible with my skills, but we’ll never know for sure.’  And when teased by males if she will fight them right now, she sticks to ‘you’re better off not having that happen.’
As an aside, I want to make it very clear that I am not telling you that you should think it is wrong for a man to hit a woman- I will in no way tell you how to think.  I am solely giving her maaaad props for actually standing up to the press when they ask her the dumbest, most unnecessary questions, that they would never ask a male.  Speak your mind girl!
The only really bad thing about MMA is that they do not have any mascots, instead those bikini wearing girls with signs.  Okay, would you rather have a hilarious costume, or a bikini model?!?!  COSTUME, DUH!!! Characters are fun!
So since this is a Rousey post, we are going to the mascot of her favourite team, the LA Dodgers.  Living in the area, and often watching with her father, she loves going to Dodgers games!
And since this post is incredibly long, and this mascot is incredibly terrible, let’s just dive right in with it:
Dodger Mascot and Pat and Gordon
That’s freaking scary.  SCARY!  He has no name, no story, they just made him one day.  Alive since mid-season 2014, I can see why they haven’t really continued to advertise him.  He’s just…. ahhh.
But this team does have some cute stuff, lest this post be only of fightining and scaries.
This is their old logo!  How perfect is that!!! Bring it back!!!
And they have a lot of Hello Kitty nights, which is amazing too!
It’s a big deal in LA, I guess.  I want that bobblehead!!!