Solar Power

I’ve been planning on this being the Mascot of the Day for a week now, but as you’ve seen, it hasn’t been happening.  No, I wasn’t on some sweet vacation- I’ve just been so busy that there has been no time.

But I must change this!  Life priorities!!!
All over the news there’s politics these days, to which we get to hear about women’s rights, taxation, public policy, environmental issues, and more.  But there is one Florida team who has it right.  Long before Donald Trump was on air dissing the Mexicans, the East Coast Hockey League’s Orlando team has been been advertising their love of alternative power.
This thing cracks me up every time!!! Maybe because he’s a polar bear with a hockey stick wearing shades.  Look, he’s got mega-guns for arms, and it’s all because he’s powered by the sun!  How is that not hilarious?!?!
This team feeds into the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs, and has existed since 1995, though it did have a shutdown from 2001-2012 .
Named Shades, he’s probably the coolest bear (only bear?) in Florida.
Just know that he believes in sun safety.  He is always wearing his sunglasses, and wears sunscreen- so you should too!