Gooo Kristaps!

Yesterday was NBA draft day, which shows hopefuls their ranking, fate, and home for the next year.  Hosted in the wonderful NYC, there were of course a looot of Knicks fans there.  Which meant that when the Knicks made their pick, the reaction, good or bad, would be big.  Boy was it big, and like the wolf, also bad.

Poor Kristaps Porzingis, hearing the boos and jeers immediately after one of the best moments of his life.  Finishing as the second worst team in the NBA last year, the Knicks took a gamble.  It’s not a bad idea, really.  He did extremely well playing in EuroCup basketball.  Will it translate well to the NBA?  We’ll see in the next year.
But to celebrate Kristaps’ awesome name (and his amazing fluency in the English language, that was WOW), and fight against the booing, today we will celebrate Jerome, the mascot for Baloncesto Sevilla of Eurocup basketball.
Jerome was inspired by the Disney character Ferdinando, from the 1931 movie “Ferdinand the Bull”.
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Jerome was born in 1998 to pump up the crowd and be involved in more children’s activities around the country.  But really, he looks a bit too scary for kids.  Nice calves though.
And he’s doing the Lebron thing pretty well, but with free stuff instead of powder.  Good call!