Which Way Do You Roll Your TP?

“Life is like a box of chocolates- you never know what you’re going to get.”

A common phrase that somehow manages to have deep meaning, and no meaning at all- sure, you may get a yummy creamy caramel, or you may get a nasty shredded coconut, but either way, you’re gonna eat the whole box.  More accurate is to say that life is like a roll of toilet paper, you never know which direction is truly correct.
But if there is a mascot who knows the answer to this TP dilemma, (mascots have all the answers!) it’s Scottie’s Little Softie.
In 1960, the Canadian Ladies’ Curling Association wanted to have an organized tournament, so they looked around for sponsors.  Throughout the next two decades, various businesses would pick it up for short sponsorship, and then drop them.  Then, in 1982, Kruger Products, more well known as the Scott Paper Company, hosted the tournament, and would continue to for the next 25 years.  Hosting the annual Scotties Tournament of Hearts, it was a great success for women’s curling.  It was not seen as such a success for mascots, though.  Most find Scottie terrifying, frightening, and even possessed.
He’s cute from afar.
And maybe he’s even okay while cheering for something exciting.
But up close, posing for the camera, he’s creepy.  His eyes are sooo big, and soooo dilated!  And he’s wearing an obviously cheap set of glue-on lashes.
The moose buddy, however, is adorable!!

Slammer is a Cutie

Last night was intense- just when you think the Buckeyes are running away with it, the Duck comes back fighting.  And man, were there a lot of turnovers.  But in the end, there could be only one winner- congratulations to the college football champions, Ohio State University.
While we are still deeply entrenched in the football season, with NFL conference championships coming this weekend, I thought we’d take a detour to a much less popular sport, one that Americans do not watch.
Yes, I just stereotyped, and please call me out if I’m wrong, but I’m not.  You, person reading this, do not watch curling.  You just don’t.  And if you happened to maybe watch it once, you didn’t even tune in long enough to know that they don’t call it a “game” or a “match”, but a “bonspiel”.  Mascot of the day just widened your vocabulary.
The Grand Slam of Curling is an annual event held in various parts of Canada, giving a first prize of $100,000 (CAD) to the champions.  That sucks, given that the lowest paid NFL player still gets half a million.
So why curling?  Because this lil guy, Slammer, is the mascot of this Grand Slam event.  He’s so happy doing his own thing, not caring what others think, or that he’s a less popular sport.  He just does what makes him smile.  And I aspire to be more like him.

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PS…. curling teams wear sweet pants.

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