Cute Aminals!

Yes, I’ve been MIA for a few days, taking care of the absolute awesomest, cutest, most troublesome baby ever!  She also has the best stuffed animals, which only made it that much better- look at this bunny!!!

unnamed (1)
So today I tried to find a mascot that was equally as cute, but let’s face it… that’s not possible.  But the elephant I chose is pretty great anyway, and shouldn’t be compared to something so perfect.
Stumpy was the mascot for the 2011 cricket world cup in South Asia.  Born in Sri Lanka, he is said to be 10 years old during the event, and chosen due to his fun, energetic, enthusiastic, and upbeat personality.
By the way, he’s got mad skills on the field:
I guess he has delicate knees and shins.  Safety, children!
One of the coolest things about Stumpy is the statue they made and decorated to look as traditional and realistic as possible.
Once again, cricket is way cooler than I even expected.  Good work, international sports!

Colourful Gum

Continuing on with the streak of unpredictability, today’s mascot brings us back to cricket.
Did you know that cricket has a world cup?  Since 1975, 20 teams get together every 4 years to battle it out.  I had never heard of this, so this possibly incorrect fact (sponsored by Wikipedia) surprised me:
“The tournament is the world’s third largest with only the FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympics exceeding it.  The 2011 Cricket World Cup final was televised in over 200 countries to over 2.2 billion television viewers”  That means 1/3 of people on earth were watching cricket.  That’s pretty cool!
But of course, these emails are never written for the sport or the information.  They’re for the mascots!
In 2003, the genius country that is South Africa decided this big event needs a mascot.  So they made Dazzle, the zebra.

A zebra is pretty unique which is why he caught my eye right away.  I also was sucked in when I saw this photo:
Is he a mascot/doctor/tourist?  The outfit is not working so much.  Especially because it covers him head to toe, so we can’t see him rocking his stripes!


Is this making anyone think of childhood memories?  Bright colours, soccer ball, I think someone stole from somewhere.

Go Paris!

What sport was only in 1 olympics ever?  I’ll give you a hint- it’s also an animal.  Give up, because nobody ever watches it? Cricket!  The year was 1900, and for some reason, they were able to go to Paris, France to compete.  Maybe they will get to go back someday, because cricket popularity is on the rise.  In 2013, the Caribbean Premier League began, which meant they needed a mascot!

This is Bouncer.  He’s a cricket ball.  Is it even a ball?  I don’t know what they call it.

unnamed (11)
But he’s cute, and huggable, and wears nice shades.
Sometimes, he has horns, too.

unnamed (12)

I like him.  Maybe cricket should become a thing here.  No, it’s all about football, who am I kidding.