Plantain, Not Banana

In 2013, The World Baseball Classic saw the underdog Dominican Republic rally against much stronger teams.  They beat Italy, US, and Puerto Rico, to become the champions.  And it’s all because of their lucky plantain.  Yeah, that’s right, they took a food incredibly seriously.

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Whoa, that’s a lot.  Pace yourself, or you might get constipated…
WBC Dominican Republic US Baseball
While sitting in the bullpen, Fernando Rodney kept a plantain in his pocket, and the team saw a comeback against the Netherlands, winning 4-1.  The team decided that he needed to keep that same plantain in his pocket for every game because it was their good luck charm.  And so he did.  Man, that thing must have gotten kind of rotten.
The coach said it helped keep the players calm and having fun, instead of being extremely nervous from all of the pressure.
Personally, I think it might be because they made an actual hilarious banana mascot, who just made my Monday.  Yes, it is titled Mascot Fail, but it is in no way a fail.
Look at his moves!!! So great!