Happy 2016!

Yesterday was the last chance NFL teams had to make the playoffs, and while most teams already knew their fate, for some there was a lot of pressure.  Take the New York Jets, for example, who just had to beat the infamous lovable losers  the Buffalo Bills.  Well, we learned that payback for a bad firing is a b****, and that the Bills will make sure you lose.  Which means that the Jets are out, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are in.  Ahh Pittsburgh, you may be the luckiest city right now, barely getting that that 6 seed in the AFC.

Also housed in Pittsburgh is the MLB team the Pirates, and two hours directly east of them is their AA team, the Altoona Curve.  While generally unheard of, this team has some fan-please moments in their being, like for example playing in a stadium called ‘Peoples Natural Gas.’  Ahhh, so many fart jokes!!!
The logo contains their first born mascot Tenacious, a railroad worker who is there to represent the history of the area, as well as the modeling of the ballpark.
Cute and all, but I think the real winner on this team is Al Tuna, the certified Rally Specialist, who states he has the ‘best dance moves north of the South Pole.’
His celebrity idol is Flipper, but he’s better than Flipper because he can breathe in AND out of water!  Cool!
Just to get your Monday back to work started on a high note, know that this team once had an ‘Awful Night,’ in which the first 1000 fans were awarded a photo of the GM’s gall bladder after he recently had to have it removed, and one of them was even lucky enough to win the gall bladder itself.  Isn’t that…. a great prize?
Happy 2016, and welcome back to work 🙂

Rubber Ducky

One of my absolute favourite things about childhood was bath time, because evidently my mom was happy that I was doing it, and all I had to do was sit in warm water and play with a rubber ducky.  In fact, I still have a rubber ducky, because why the crap not, people.

I even drove 6 hours to Norfolk, VA to see this giant rubber duck art piece!  He’s bigger than a building- how freaking amazing is that?!?!
And so with this love, I find myself once again celebrating the random place that is Akron, Ohio, thanks to their AA baseball team for the Cleveland Indians (woo!)  Since 1989, they’ve been AA to Cleveland, but have gone through the names of Indians and Aeros before settling on rubber ducks in 2014.  The name quickly caught on- like a radio group changing their name to Rubber City Radio.
I’m gonna admit, the logo duck is kinda freakish, not so awesome.
But the costumed guy is to die for.  Tell me the picture below is not making you smile!  Yeah, umm, it is.  Whether it’s because he’s happy, silly, weird, or because he has old lady bat-wing arms, you love him.
They also have a cool, comic version, in case you are too cool for the huggable, loveable type.  Yeah, he wears shades all the time like a bada**.

Butter Tongue!

Found this note from Will on my car this morning, peeps you know it’s gonna be a good day!!!
unnamed (12)

It’s Opening Day for Gamecock Baseball!!!!  These 2010 and 2011 champions who I proudly display on my license plate everywhere I go are back in action!

And for that, I bring you baseball’s best mascot ever.  This team is AA and feeds into the Tampa Bay Rays since 1999.
It’s the Montgomery Biscuits!!!!!!
images (10)
And if you don’t like Monty, then you don’t like life.  His face and body are a biscuit, and his tongue is butter!!
images (11)
He’s so happy!!!
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When you go to a game, you will hear the fans chanting “Hey, butter, butter, butter.”