Bucket$ of Basketball

Though often forgotten, umissed, and unloved, the WNBA does exist, and I am reminding you now because it’s about time for the All Star game. Probably still a sleeper, but I’m prodding you because I know WAAAY too much about women’s basketball.

Since my husband is the video guy at both South Carolina and USA, I hear about the games that need to be cut and why and the plays they’re looking for, and it’s a lot. But some great stuff comes from that too. Like having met both All Star team captains, Elena Della Donne and A’ja Wilson.

Delle Donne is a 29 year old University of Delaware Graduate who currently plays for the Washington Mystics. Originally planning to go to the obvious UConn, she left after 2 days of summer practice to be closer to her family and take care of her disabled sister. She has declined overseas play to stay closer to her family, and instead accomplishes endorsement deals and writes books, furthering her role model identity.

Wilson is a 22 year old University of South Carolina Graduate, playing for the Las Vegas Aces. She played 4 years in-state and became a fan favourite, winning a Naismith and a Wooden award along the way. A’ja has now gone pro, gaining rookie of the year, all star of the year, and playing for the Shaanxi Red Wolves on her offseason.

So, which team to root for? Well, clearly both team captains are great- extremely accomplished, hard-working, driven people. It’s a really tough choice, and I would never make one. But remember what is always the kicker here at MOTD?

Bucket$ the Rabbit, that’s who makes the difference! The youngest mascot of the WNBA, buckets is a fun-loving, lucky rabbit from Vegas who popped up last year!

Got the moves, too!!! Go Bucket$, and go Team A’ja.

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