Bucket$ of Basketball

Though often forgotten, umissed, and unloved, the WNBA does exist, and I am reminding you now because it’s about time for the All Star game. Probably still a sleeper, but I’m prodding you because I know WAAAY too much about women’s basketball.

Since my husband is the video guy at both South Carolina and USA, I hear about the games that need to be cut and why and the plays they’re looking for, and it’s a lot. But some great stuff comes from that too. Like having met both All Star team captains, Elena Della Donne and A’ja Wilson.

Delle Donne is a 29 year old University of Delaware Graduate who currently plays for the Washington Mystics. Originally planning to go to the obvious UConn, she left after 2 days of summer practice to be closer to her family and take care of her disabled sister. She has declined overseas play to stay closer to her family, and instead accomplishes endorsement deals and writes books, furthering her role model identity.

Wilson is a 22 year old University of South Carolina Graduate, playing for the Las Vegas Aces. She played 4 years in-state and became a fan favourite, winning a Naismith and a Wooden award along the way. A’ja has now gone pro, gaining rookie of the year, all star of the year, and playing for the Shaanxi Red Wolves on her offseason.

So, which team to root for? Well, clearly both team captains are great- extremely accomplished, hard-working, driven people. It’s a really tough choice, and I would never make one. But remember what is always the kicker here at MOTD?

Bucket$ the Rabbit, that’s who makes the difference! The youngest mascot of the WNBA, buckets is a fun-loving, lucky rabbit from Vegas who popped up last year!

Got the moves, too!!! Go Bucket$, and go Team A’ja.

Politics, Oh Politics

Each morning when I get to work, there’s the welcoming of a plethora of popups in the right-hand corner of my computer screen. The great news resource (baha!) known as Yahoo! somehow put this auto-pop on my PC, and I have no idea how to get rid of it. I learn that “If you click now, you’ll learn the secret to losing pure fat and reveal a tight, toned body.” There’s a “You won’t believe what these celebrities look like now!” Even though it’s unsurprising that they’ve aged. And of course, there’s whatever Trump did. Or at least what someone in the Republican party did. Today’s was about the resignation of Acosta.

Everyday, it seems like someone else is leaving the White House. A lot of change, for a party that is stereotypically anti-change, or so they say. A party of red elephants. Wait, what? Thomas Nast was a creative fellow, and I guess thought that donkeys dressed as lions, and elephants, were good enemies. A bit about it here: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/how-the-parties-got-their-animal-symbols/ .

I am not a big fan of politics, because it really puts people against each other. I find it to be on the exact opposite end of mascots, which brings everyone together in lovable happiness and smiles. So to think that both have pretty much the same red elephant was a tough conclusion for me to accept. But, who wouldn’t choose this guy:

Big Al is the smiliest elephant in the southeast, thanks to the University of Alabama’s amazing football team. He is full of hugs and dancing, and when his booty goes one way, his trunk goes another.

I was lucky enough to meet him at last year’s NCAA tournament, and ummm, I think my life was made. Note though, if you wanna get a selfie, you DEF need a selfie stick. His head is *slightly* larger than your average mascot ;).

Whether you’re a donkey or an elephant (species-wise or politics-wise) I continue to wonder why we can’t meet in the middle. Sure, there may be some things that you’re extremely passionate about, but as I listen to debates, it seems political parties are pretty all or nothing on everything. Moderation is key, and compromise is a must. Even if Big Al and Aubie are enemies on the football field, they are best buddies in the classroom and during photo ops.

Otterly Back!

Hello, my mascot lovers/readers/mascots themselves!  After my three-year hiatus, I am back!
While I stopped writing for awhile, I’ve still been filling the time with mascot viewings, gained a few mascot friends, and even got married by a mascot!  That’s right, this Otterly fantastic fella has marriage credentials!

Olly the Otter is a standalone mascot, not associated with any team or any league, just doing his own thing.  I’ve never heard of that before!  He gets people pumped up at happy events, gets people moving at a 5k, and helps people grieve during hard times.
That last part might have been kind of surprising to you (it was to me)- a smiling otter, helping people grieve?  Olly visited a little girl in a hospital while she was dying.  His Otterness brought her bundles of happiness.  He held her hand, made funny faces with her, and did all of the wonderful things that mascots do to make kids happy.  When she passed away, of course the family was absolutely devastated.  But Olly was there to remind them that right before she passed, she was full smiling.  While the family was sad now, she was whole, she was happy in Heaven.  Olly was there to remind them of that now.  That was a big learning moment for me.
What we always remember about mascots is they are great at cheering during the happy times, the winning times.  They pull out great dance moves while the team is winning.  They get on top of the pyramid during a great halftime lead.  But what we forget is that the mascot has to keep morale up during the losing times.  They have to keep you hoping that things will turn around during that 0-14 run at the basketball game.  And that’s the even harder part.