Golden Hurricane (seriously)

Yes, I am aware that mascots have not happened in a very long time.  But I need to write one right now, or I will go crazy.  The project I am working on has thousands of problems, and I cannot find what causes any of them.
None. Zero.  Does that sound bad? Because it is.

But, it is not as bad as a golden hurricane.  What is a golden hurricane, anyway?  Am I the only one picturing urine going every which way?  That, frankly, does not sound pleasant, so I can see how it may deter the competition.  Even if it is supposedly sterile, it’s still just, eww. But, leave it to Oklahoma to use pee as a weapon.
The University of Tulsa does not see it that way at all, though.  Captain Cane has a few version, and only one of them really relates at all to a deadly storm.
I have mad respect for the old version.  He is what he says he is.  Sure he is a little doofy looking, but this is a golden hurricane. and that’s awesome!
But then they got rid of him for something that there is no logical reasoning behind.  He’s happy, he’s cute, he’s got a huge buttchin; I respect all of those things.  But, how is he at all related to a golden hurricane?
And bring it to today.  The one thing they had going for this guy was cuteness.  But now… nothing.  Nothing.  Bad costume.  Lumpy faux-muscles, scary face.
So there ya have it.  The University of Tulsa.

One thought on “Golden Hurricane (seriously)

  1. Hi, Love your take on mascots. I totally agree the world is full of bad karma, mascots are fun and hopefully bring to some joy to people’s lives. I also feel that mascots can really help fans enjoy their teams performances and can “Bask in their Teams Glory.”

    We are new to the mascot world and would appreciate any insight you might be able to provide. We are following you on Twitter and beginning to read your blog posts.


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