Where’s Swannie?

Where's Waldo Wallpaper

You looked at the image above, and immediately knew what you had to do.  Find Waldo!  Where is he?!  Are you searching?  Because you should be.
As a child (and now), I loved these books.  They were extremely entertaining, and so amazingly detailed.  Waldo had quite an adventurous life, and I am glad he wanted to share it with us.
But Waldo is not involved in a sport, so he cannot be the MOTD.  If Waldo was to be transformed into sport-mode, I believe this is what he would look like:
This is the uniform of the Sydney Swans, an Australian Football team where there is no shame in showing a lot of leg.  I mean, do they really run around in those?  Because it seems pretty, umm, risky.  So much leg!
But it doesn’t matter how much was revealed, because I would not be paying attention to them anyway.  I’d be searching for Syd Skilton, nicknamed Swannie, who is oh so cute!  He’s worried-happy (Is there a better word for that?  Teach me!).
He’s rolling on the grass!  That’s skill!  How can that not make you smile?
But before you go thinking that he is all fun and games, see his logo.  Dag.  He’ll punch you out with those guns.
Screen shot 2012-09-25 at 9.48.08 PM

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