Tina Turner

Problems.  We all have them, and each time one pops up, it feels like the toughest one we’ve ever faced.  And it makes sense, because the problem we have right now is the only problem we’ve ever had that hasn’t been solved.  The pain we feel now is the only pain we’ve not overcome.  While it’s simple and logical to say that everything just needs to be put into perspective, it’s a lot tougher to minimize the feelings that go along with it.

Today is just tomorrow’s yesterday

some will die for you, some will lie to you
there’s all kinds of people in this world

(All Kinds of People, Tina Turner)
When you’re having a bad day, I mean, a really bad day, just remember that today is almost over: that tomorrow is a new day.  Remember that there are both good and bad people in this world.  You just have to find those who are good for you.
Tina Turner, of all people, has experienced this pain. Having an abusive father, mother who ran away when she was 11, and high school sweetheart who she broke up with after learning he was already married, her younger years were not exactly easy,  By age 23, she was married to her violent husband/musical partner of 16 years, Ike Turner.
After surviving all of that, she went on to have an extremely successful solo career.  For the next few decades, Tina’s accomplishments amassed, with top 10 hits, movies, and a net worth of $350 million.  In 2013, she got remarried, and moved to Zurich, Switzerland, where she loves it so much that she gained citizenship, and relinquished her US citizenship.  Good for you, Tina!  I am glad you found happiness!
Besides being the new home of Ms. Turner, Zurich is also where this guy lives:
This is Cooly, the mascot for the 2014 European Championships, and while he has a crappy name, he is super cute and super athletic.  Is he gonna clear that hurdle?
Yeah, I think the hurdle went well.  But crowd surfing- not so good…
It’s okay Cooly!  We love you!!!!

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