Let’s get Rowdy


That hottie above, also known as Frank Beamer, the retired head football coach at Virginia Tech, went to school where?
Radford Unversity!  Which at one point was the same thing as VT, back when VT was still just VPI.
Radford, originally ‘The State Normal and Industrial School for Women at Radford,’ was founded in 1911, which was definitely a different time than now.  Their ideal was to give “Southern Gentlewomen, observing Victorian values and prudence'” a teaching-focused education.  Wow.  No.

But thankfully, the WW2 era and VPI saved this school from its backward doom.  During the war, the school was having issues enrolling enough students, and to save money, merged with VPI , becoming the Women’s Dvision of VPI in 1943.  Because of this, women were able to take the same courses at VPI as men were, opening up more than just manners, household arts, and teaching as possible education focuses.  Despite this success using VPI’s modern gender attitude, Radford was still unwilling to drop the dated “southern gentlewoman’ ideal, causing VPI to split from them in 1964.  Radford survived, but finally dropped the slogan, and opened the school to both men and women in 1972.  Today, they have 10k students, some graduate and doctoral programs, and this guy:
This is Highlander, who is pretty muscular, grows sweet facial hair, and loves plaid.  He’s also good at doing the worm.
But Highlander is not nearly as good as Rowdy Red, who was terminated in the 70’s.
The story is that Rowdy Red left because he wanted to move to the west coast, and eventually got a talk show in LA, but it never made it past the pilot.  I’m not buying it.  I want Rowdy Red back!!

For a Quick Smile

I am completely risk averse in my life; I’m the government bond of humanity- it takes a long time to completely become a part of my life, but I am guaranteed to give you back something and not abuse and lose what you’ve given me.  But in a world of the instant gratification that is Twitter, YouTube, and accurately named Instagram, snail mail isn’t so fun anymore.  Who wants to wait days to receive a letter when they can get a Snapchat in two seconds?

That’s why I love stuffed animals and mascots so much- they’re made for happiness and are reliable and loving and don’t ditch you for something easier and faster.  They’re dependable and loyal to their team, which I’m coming to realize is of utmost importance to me.
Recently, the NBA allstar game was on, which I have no interest in watching, because what kind of score is 196-173?  Is every quarter 25 minutes?  Is it just an hour of unguarded dunks?!  But the good thing of it, I’ve heard, is that it was mascot-heavy.  Which means it was filled with happiness, some from a guy named Boomer, of the Indiana Pacers.
Boomer is a cat born in 1991, and his life is dedicated to ensure that a smile is on your face, whether it’s by performing hilarious dance moves, riding a tricycle, or dunking like a champion.  How amazing is that?!
Thanks for making me smile today, Boomer, and you freaking rock on a tricycle.
Now go eat catnip and watch Tom and Jerry to think of more practical jokes to play on people.