I <3 Canada

It’s been slow here at work today, and I’ve been filling the time with reading the news, which I rarely do.  There’s now so many questions circling my head like vultures amidst injured prey.  It’s as though our lives are based on hatred.  Why did a policeman hate the disrespect of texting in class so much that he flipped the desk?  Why are we disgusted enough by our faces and bodies to create videos about how to ‘look like your favourite celebrity.’  Why does Urban Meyer detest losing so much he would keep Jameis Winston on his team, even after the theft, rant, and alleged rape?  Why does Russia dislike Syria so much that they fired 118 targets in 1 day?

That’s what makes mascots so wonderful- they’re just meant for happiness. They’re there to cheer you on, to make you smile, to get you essited.  And I think the world is starting to see this- sometimes you do need positive reinforcement, not negative remarks.
Canada learned this precise lesson by making a mascot for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.  They created Komak, who is quite the looker:


This moose was introduced two months before the olympics, in St. Lawrence Catholic Elementary School, where he was quickly loved. Teachers saw how fast kids adored him, and decided to incorporate him into their lessons.


For two months before going to Sochi, Komak traveled all over Canada, befriending kids of the nation.  What they realized is that mascots are really popular, really wonderful, and really bring out the best in [most] people.  So they have kept Komak around to bring happiness to all sorts of events around the country, and have said he will definitely be back for the next olympics.  Good call, allies to the north!


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