Mascots Can’t Solve Everything

The college sports world mini-essploded this weekend as Miami, and the poor lil ibis, suffered its worst loss in team history.  Clemson dominated all four quarters to a 58-0 kill, and while Sebastian and Co. are back at the gym thinking about their next game, head coach Al Golden has been fired.

But there was an equally awful loss over in the NEC, where BYU trumped Wagner 70-6.  For the entire first half, this Staten Island school of 2500 couldn’t answer any of the 49 points from BYU.  The third quarter looked slightly brighter, with Wagner posting the one and only TD, only to have the point after blocked.
This no-name seahawk leads the team in an 0-7 season, proving that even a smiling, happy, adorable mascot cannot fix all problems.  Can he lead them to victory next week against Duquesne?  We’ll find out at noon on Saturday, when the annual showdown takes place.  Wagner triumphed by 10 last year, but also managed to finish the season over 500- things aren’t what they used to be.
Is he signaling that there’s a touchdown?  Are they going to get another touchdown next week?  Watch it and see- probably on a bootleg streaming site, because no channel is going to cover this less than average FCS team.

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