Myrtle- Rated G

When people not from the southeast United States think of South Carolina, what first pops into their head?  Myrtle Beach.  And thanks to the Girls Gone Wild franchise, Myrtle Beach forever has the connotation of wild spring break partiers clad in less than a normal bikini while drinking too much alcohol and overall having lower inhibitions and poor decision making skills.  Thanks for that, Joe Francis.

But let’s not forget that Myrtle also has other wonderful things- like appropriately clothed beaches, mini golf for days, and pelicans!   The Eastern Brown Pelican is the only non-white pelican species alive today, and exists on the United States coastline from Virginia to Florida, often in sanctuaries due to their constant state of being only marginally off the endangered species list.
The Pelican is also the mascot of the A-League baseball team for Myrtle Beach.
Splash the Pelican became a mascot when the team moved from Durham to his home of the Grand Strand in Myrtle.  He has been loved ever since, even though he often flies over the seats and steals fans’ food when they’re not looking.  Splash loves the game, but often gets carried away, and has actually been ejected twice.  He also has a bff, born in 2008, named Rally Shark.  Rally Shark is only around for late innings when they need a run, and spends the rest of his time practicing his song-and-dance routines in case “Jaws” ever decides to go Broadway.
The next time you think of going to South Carolina for spring break, maybe consider Splash as a day of entertainment instead of the normal spring break antics.  Or just choose one of the better cities in South Carolina.

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