A Malnourished Fighter

Big hello to my WWE watching friends- here’s some trivia questions you should know the answer to:

What is Mark Calaway’s stage name?
Highlight here for the answer —–> The Undertaker
Where did he go to school?
 —–> Texas Wesleyan University
And what is the mascot for this school?
—–> Willie the Ram
Yup, that buff, scary dude went to a small, private, Methodist school.  That’s surprising.
Texas Wesleyan was founded in 1890 to be a female-only addition to Southern Methodist University, and was named Texas Women’s College.  However, enrollment decreased during the Great Depression due to women having more household responsibilities and less time for academia.  This decline forced Texas Women’s to merge with Texas Wesleyan Academy, becoming today’s Texas Wesleyan University.
Today, the school is home to 3500 students, and is known for their huge endowment of $45 million despite being so small.  Religious connections, man.
Or maybe it is not the religion at all, but that people fear of the mascot’s malnourishment.
Willie is a scrawny little ram, and most likely fights in the light flyweight class.  But somehow he still gets the ladies.
Or lady, rather.  Wilamae, while lacking in story, has been around a lot in recent years, suggesting that this long term relationship is going strong. She has yet to be in the logo, though.

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