Sandy’s Bar Mitzvah

When looking out into the field and seeing a mascot, you just see this cute happy character who is there to pump up the fans for a few hours.  But behind the scenes, when the game is over, mascots have lives, too.  Which means that, yes, different mascots have different backgrounds, beliefs, and religions.

This is Sandy the Seagull, and just like all other mascots, he’s got the adorable face and never ending smiles to play the part.  Sandy represents all that is wonderful for the A baseball team Brooklyn Cyclones, who are in the New York Mets System.  Since 2000, this delightful team has been housed in happy Coney Island, along with 3 other professional sports teams that are not well known- what is ultimate disc league?  Anyone?
Pee-Wee the seagull, the Brooklyn Cyclones mascot photographed in Coney Island at MCU Park.
But when Sandy is not out there in the stands, he still has stuff going on.  Pictured above is his only child, PeeWee, who is also an awesome Cyclone’s mascot.  PeeWee was adopted in 2003 and named after a Brooklyn Dodger’s shortstop PeeWee Reese.  Why would a three year old adopt a child?  There is not much of an  explanation for it.  But what there is a clear explanation for is Sandy’s religious beliefs.
Sandy was named after Sandy Koufax, a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers, and the youngest player ever inducted into the hall of fame.  He received a lot of public attention during the 1965 World Series, where he was scheduled to pitch game 1, but refused because it was on the same day as the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, which he chose to observe.  He ended up pitching games 2,5, and 7, bringing the team to victory, and becoming the MVP.  So despite all the controversy, it doesn’t seem his decision caused too much trouble.
To show how devoted the team is to Koufax and his beliefs, in 2013 Sandy the mascot had his 13th birthday, and a Bar Mitzvah was thrown in his honour.
That uniform is awesome!!! And the Rabbi is so happy!  I love this pic!

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