Dad’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day, in case no form of social media, calendar, or commercials notified you.  If you forgot, I think you have some apologizing to do.  Unless you happen to be a creature that reproduces asexually, then I apologize.  So mostly everything has a father,  including mascots.

Many mascots decided it was time for some father-son bonding, like Orbit, of the Albuquerque Isotopes, who thought it would be a good day to go fishing.
I’m not sure how much they could have possibly caught, but we all know it is about the quality time together, not the fishing itself.  Orbit, of the AAA team for the Rockies, is a good son.  He’s always happy and trying to bring out the best of any game.
He’s also a pretty impressive stuntman.
It is unknown what creature he is.  The mix is typically described as part bear, alien, Big Bird, dog, and Elmo.  That’s quite the mix.  But he remains loveable all the same.

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