Angry Birds

Reminisce to the 90s- those crazy times when we put scrunchies in our hair, collected the Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts, thought Beanie Babies were as good an investment as 401ks, and spring break was epic if it was to Myrtle Beach.

I assume everyone wanted to go there solely to see Chanty, the Chanticleer for Coastal Carolina University.
unnamed (38)

CCU used to be a part of the University of South Carolina system, and since Columbia is the main campus, and was already the Gamecocks, it was decided that Coastal should stick to the fighting birds theme.  Shouldn’t somebody have rebelled against that?  Am I the only one who likes to have a little action?

He looks angrier than Cocky.  But still has that cute mascot-ness.

unnamed (39)
As a bonus, while we’re on the theme of angry birds, let’s take a look at this good lookin guy!

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