Pooping Panda

What’s black and white, and poops all over?  A panda!!!

These guys eat 20-40 lbs of bamboo every single day– that’s so much pooping!!!  Yes, this is my main topic of conversation, and if you’ve ever talked with me for more than 10 minutes at one time, you will find that the conversation just segues to talking about poop.
The Washington Mystics, of the WNBA, have Pax the panda as their mascot.  And I can’t help but wonder if by the end of the game, there is poop everywhere.
unnamed (40)
But there are no photos of him using the bathroom… hmmm… that’s suspicious.  He must really know the paparazzi.
This has nothing to do with Pax, and is from MLB, but how cool are these fans?!?!
unnamed (41)

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