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Evil Milan

This week, we’ve found that soccer, like all other sports, contains lies, deception, and bribery, once again proving the statement that ‘money talks.’  As capitalists here in the United States, we kind of live and die by this mindset- except for one key thing- the slight bit of compassion engrained in all of us.  Maybe it’s a societal outlook and not a given concept of humanity, but honestly, the slave-like caste of Qatar for stadium building?! Completely awful.

Since today’s mascot is obviously based on soccer, I could try to spin the current connotation of the sport to something happy.  But, I choose not to, and instead pick the one team that shows how I truly feel about soccer.
In 2006, with Warner Brothers, Italy’s AC Milan adopted the devil as their mascot.  This team has been around since 1899, so the fact that it took them a $20+ billion empire and 107 years to come up with a typical devil is kind of weak.
And he’s not even that cute, or scary!
But the icon is decent-
unnamed (1)
Yes, they named him Milanello, which completely makes sense logically, but makes me think of this:
unnamed (2)

King Lebron

Lebron James- love him or hate him, he’s pretty good at what he does.  By ‘what he does’ I mean having a big ego.  It’s not that I don’t think he’s a good player, but he just comes with a Cavaliers-can’t-be-the-champions curse.  Last night he lead the Cavs to a non-entertaining romp over the Hawks, easily finishing their 4-0 conference title series.  But will the domination continue, or will the curse endure?  We’ll just have to wait and see.  But for now, we’ll take a look back at the team who jerseyed-up, showed-up, and played, only to lose each time.

The Atlanta Hawks were only only underdogs by 7.5 last night, and yet lost by 30.  Ouch.  But Harry the Hawk still loves you.
Harry is a great sport, and remembers the big picture- they did end as up the #4 team in the league.  And to keep the frustrated crowd smiley, he makes funny faces…
unnamed (1)
…And rides tricycles…
unnamed (2)
…And takes a sweet dunk while growing out his mohawk.  Kickass.
unnamed (3)

Prince Not-So-Charming

Mascot loving ladies, today you must reminisce into your distant, or not so distant past, to remember what your dreamed of being when you grew up.  Did you want to be a superstar professional athlete?  A life-saving doctor?  The most popular, yet most down to earth pop singer ever?

How about a princess?  With people loving you, and getting to wear a crown while doing that fancy wave all the time- you know it crossed your mind.  But did you know it is possible to become a princess?  All you have to do is marry a prince.  Oh, but where do you find a prince?
At Heidelberg University in Ohio, where the Student Prince lives.  Sure, he’s not good looking, but neither is Prince William, and he got Kate.
Plus, known for his jousting expertise, he is typically wearing something over his face.  Not so bad.
unnamed (1)
Men, this is your chance to become a prince and get any lady you desire (I think.)  Consider enrolling at Heidelberg and trying out for themascot role.  But know that you may get knocked off of a horse by a stabby weapon.
At least your royalty kids will have something adorable to look at.  This should really be the official mascot.
unnamed (2)

Texas Tough?

“Everything’s bigger in Texas.” continues to be a popular phrase about the state, and is still used for tourism ad campaigns.  Makes the republic sound pretty tough.  But the story of them joining the United States- surprisingly not so tough.  Texas was tired of being a part of Mexico, and wanted to be their own nation.  So they went to war, and defeated enough troops to take over the land temporarily.  But Mexico kept fighting and fighting, and Texas was running out of power.  So Texas, manly as they are, went to the United States, and said that if the U.S. could provide the manpower and supplies to get rid of Mexico, they would join the Union.  A lot of killing later, and an official treaty of $18.5 million, the U.S. had saved Texas from evil Mexico, and all was happy.  How tough of you, Texas.

But toughness is not everything- especially here at Mascot of the Day.  And so I present to you Tex Hooper, the very sweet, not at all tough bull.


Of the MLS FC Texas team in Dallas, he is one of the star players, measuring in at 6 ft tall (plus horns) and around 2,000 pounds, as a bull typically does.  Born in 1996, he is one of the youngest players, but also one of the best.  The head coach made a statement about him when he was first signed with the team:

“It’s a big deal considering the difficulties we went through with injuries last season.  If anything happens to him we have a giant stack of costumes ready to go at a moment’s notice.[…] Really, what Tex brings to us is size and hard work. Horns too, those are important[…] He’s too large to be nimble and precise, but I’ve seen grown men drop the ball and run away at the sight of him charging, so he certainly has his strengths.”
Sounds like a good recruit.  And that team president, AMAZING for actually making this speech.  Seems like a pretty successful part of the team- he’s been a part of the team for two decades, and the fans love him.
unnamed (1)

Plastic Fish

As the mascot queen, I’ve been writing a lot lately about the wonders of the characters, the logos, and their actions.  But I’ve never really acknowledged that there are people in those costumes.  Real, normal, lame people, just like the rest of us, are behind those awesome façades.  Those people are walking around in a scary darkness- with just two meshed eye holes to see the world.  There are people running up to you and hugging you or hassling you- people you’ve never seen before, and you’ll never see again.  And it gets really hot in those things, like 100+ degrees.  The NBA states thatmascots are to take off the head portion of their costume every 15 minutes as to not overheat.

Worse for heat than the NBA’s costumes that have a thick-cloth-like head is the head of the Miami Marlin.  Named Billy, this guy has a fully plastic head- completely unbreathable and non-absorbent.

But before we go any further with this mascot, I just want to address my issue with this MLB team.  From your opening season in 1993 to 2012, you were the Florida Marlins, and then you decided to become the Miami Marlins.  Why would you do that?  Why would you want to decrease your area of fans?


Now, back to the mascot.  Billy is an 8 foot tall, 250 pound marlin who loves eating tuna and sardine sandwiches whenever possible.  His favourite movies are Flipper (cool), and A Fish Called Wanda (does he know how politically loaded that movie is? Wow).  Also on their bio site, “this fish could very easily be the leader of the “untouchables.”  Does this have another meaning, or are they alluding to the lowest caste of some cultures?

Maybe Miami has more of a dark side than I thought.  But, they typically make him happy, colourful, and fun loving, like any other mascot.  He’s pretty athletic, too.

unnamed (1)

And omg the baby version.

unnamed (2)

Orbit Forever

Today we’re just going to jump right into the awesomeness of this team’s mascots, because there are three of them.  And that’s just fun.

The MLB’s Houston Astros have their main mascot of Orbit, which is a huge improvement from when they were the Houston Colt .45s.  Orbit claims he’s been to the moon, and now has a love for everything dealing with space- tube food, E.T., Star Trek,  Orbit’s favourite musical artist is Michael Jackson- he likes to dance along with the videos and do the infamous moonwalk.  He often challenges the security guards to dance offs, probably just as an excuse to show off his moves.
Also, he’s pretty dang cute.

But there was a dark time in Orbit’s life.  In 2000, when Orbit was just 10 years old, the team decided that with the move from the AstroDome to Enron Field, they would get a new mascot.  Orbit was retired, and replaced by Junction Jack.
No story, no introduction; he just appeared one day.  But if you remember anything about Enron, you’d understand that Houston wanted to wipe their hands clean of ever interacting with that company.  So, in 2012, when the park was finally sold to Minute Maid, they got rid of Junction Jack, and brought back Orbit.  Hopefully Orbit gets to stick around for a long time.

Also unofficial mascots, the racing hot sauce packets.  Who hasn’t eaten Taco Bell and enjoyed the hilarious hot sauces with the funny phrases on them?

These guys race at every home game, and really make you want to eat Taco Bell, despite your knowledge that your entire digestive system will be mad at you.  I hope Mild wins- simple, predictable, but still has some flavour- that’s my kind of man, I mean sauce.